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Alan Goff is a results consultant, guru of goals, mental toughness coach, achievement accelerator and professional keynote speaker. A man of action, perseverance and passion, he can assist you in turning your intentions into reality. Working with Alan means you are working with someone who has been where you are at. He relies on his personal experience in business, both devastating disappointments and wildly wicked wins, coupled with thorough research and focused expertise to deliver a unique coaching and consulting approach. Leading by example, Alan teaches what he lives rather than just teaching what he knows. The guidance you receive is tried, tested, and true both in his own life as well as the lives of his previous clientele.

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Alan's Coaching Philosophy

Somebody else asked me one time, “Al what is your coaching philosophy?” My coaching philosophy is really my life’s philosophy. It’s the same thing; add value to people. I wake up every single morning with an intentional question that I ask myself. Who can I add value to today and how can I do it? But I can’t add value to you if I am assuming I know how to add value to you. That just makes me arrogant and cocky. I think then that adding value to you is the same way as adding value to me, and it’s not. And so I can’t take that for granted. I have to be able to ask and find out. When I ask and find out, I need to listen and pay attention, and then when you show me or tell me how to add value to you, that’s how I can add value to you. And my whole philosophy in life is nothing more than to add value to people. But I can’t do that unless I love people first.  And so it may sound odd. People don’t talk about love in the marketplace and I don’t mean it in that way, but my whole philosophy is add value to people, but I can’t do that unless I love them first. Love people and add value. If I do that, guess what? Everybody wins.

– Alan Goff


John Maxwell Certified Coach

John Maxwell Team

Certified teacher, trainer, speaker and coach.

Dale Carnegie Organization

Forbes Coaches Council

Forbes Coaches Council

Official member of the Forbes Coaches Council

Toastmasters International

Past Clients Include Corporations Such As

  • United States Steel
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Continental Airlines
  • Toyota Corporation
  • Volkswagen
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Prudential
  • REMAX Real Estate
  • The Co-operators Insurance
  • Government of Alberta – Employment & Immigration
  • And many more including…
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Dale Carnegie Organization

'Highest Award for Achievement' ~ Dale Carnegie Training

Metropolitan Executive & Professional Registry

'Outstanding Leadership & Achievement' ~ Metropolitan Executive & Professional Registry