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Starting a business can be an exciting endeavour, especially if it is a passion you are pursuing. However, we are commonly taught that if you follow your passion, the money will follow. No matter the business, whether it’s a passion project or not, you need a plan to follow and lead yourself and team down the right path to success. It’s not enough to simply forge ahead and attack all of the challenges that come your way all at the same time. Rather, having a plan and anticipating your business needs will help you navigate through challenges as you grow and prepare you for when circumstances are out of your control. If you are just getting started, or want to review and update, Alan Goff’s business plan consulting and review services will take an unbiased look at your strategy, help narrow the focus, and give realistic feedback. 

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There Are Laws To Success

I work with a lot of people who have been in business for a few years, but they’re floundering for whatever reason, many different reasons. But they’re not as far down the road as they think they should have been, or they want to be, or they could be. And often I realize that they’re ignorant of some basics. There are laws to success and laws don’t play favorites. If you are violating a law, even because you’re ignorant of the law. You’re still going to reap the negative consequence for working against the law. So if they’re not getting the results that they want, they’re likely violating one of the laws of success, or at least a piece of the laws of success. And they don’t even know it. Most the time people fail because they don’t even know what they don’t even know.

– Alan Goff

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Business Plan Review

Having a consultant review your business plan can help you avoid some common pitfalls in your business. When projecting your sales revenue it’s easy to make assumptions, or over estimate. It is crucial to your success to perform a proper market analysis to gain a true perspective on your potential revenue. Your business plan is not the place to hide insecurities or uncertainties, rather you want to be as transparent as possible. Reviewing your business plan with a consultant will ensure you have defined your business proposition, unique selling points, market analysis and realistic forecasts. You will also identify key competitive information along with any human resource requirements, organizational and legal structures. Lastly, your executive summary will be reviewed and timeframes for actionable items set.

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Financial Analysis

Aside from the day to day operational plans for your business, you will also need to have a clear picture of the company’s finances. This is especially important when seeking funding from a bank or other source of investment. Creating or updating your financial analysis will cover all assets including, real estate, inventory, equipment, technology or proprietary assets, as well as the revenue being generated. In comparison, these assets will weigh against your liabilities to determine the company’s net worth. With a well thought out financial analysis and business plan, Alan will assist you to determine your projections and help you set dates to achieve measurable results.