Goal Setters VS Goal Achievers

There’s some huge, huge gaps that exist in life and in business. There is a huge gap between the goal setters and the goal achievers. A North American study shows that less than three percent. There you go, that’s less than three percent of people who actually set goals actually achieve the goals that they set in the time they set for themselves. And in business, it’s no different. Why? Because people take themselves everywhere they go. And it’s the people at home that go to work and set the goals in the workplace. And there’s a gap between the goal setting and the goal achieving. Success is a lawful process. Success happens by law, not by luck. And in order to close the gap and actually achieve the goals that you set, goal achievement requires different skill set than goal setting. And goal achieving requires different mindset than goal setting. I really help people close that gap up so they can turn themselves from goal setters into goal achievers. Everybody and their dog is a goal setter. Very, very, very few, less than three percent are actually goal achievers. My job is to close that gap and transition you from being just a goal setter into being a goal achiever. You should be able to achieve 100 percent of every single goal you ever want to set. I don’t care how big or ridiculous you or anybody else thinks it is, in probably half the time that you think you can. And I’ll stick my reputation on it, I’ll stick my business on it, because that’s what I do.

– Alan Goff

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