Real Estate Agent Testimonial

“I was recognizing that I was writing out my goals, writing out my tasks, what I need to do. But there was an emotional frozenness. I wasn’t getting it done. And so I knew because I had gone through lots of trauma the last seven years, gone through a divorce, had lost both my parents, lost my adoptive parents. So literally, I was alone with four kids. And so I knew I was missing a foundational relationship. An intimate relationship in the aspect of someone to come alongside me and catch those wrong thoughts. My broker had invited me to a session that Alan was doing at the real estate board. So I went. Some of the things that he said really touched me and really helped me have a better understanding of what was going on in my life. And so I had to call him and tell him, I need you. You need to come help me. And so that’s how he and I first got acquainted. What I really, really dig about Alan is that he really comes alongside you. It’s one thing to write someone’s goals. It’s one thing to help them write out their tasks and their affirmations and all those kinds of things. It’s another thing to come alongside them, and allow them to be honest about the things that they’re weak at. In real estate, as a single mom of four, I wanted to build out a team. And so I built up a team, but there was leadership skills that I was lacking. The ability to ask questions on the phone and do cold calls. There’s skills that I was lacking in those things. Every single thing that I ask him, whether it’s role playing with him, whether it’s coming with me and meeting with a team member, interviewing new team members, whether it’s just being call in the middle of the night. When I’m having a nervous breakdown where I’m like, “Oh my God, I don’t think I can do this!” He’s right there. And he gives you grace to be weak, and remind you of the things that you are strong at. He’s completely invaluable in every aspect of my business. Alan is in. If someone called me and asked me if they should do business with Alan, I would say yes, but get ready to be vulnerable. Get ready to be open. Get ready for someone to see into you and not shy away from that and speak into your greatness, but also use their knowledge and their skills and their passion to build the areas that you need to build to build your business. He’s really knowledgeable, but his knowledge is practical and his practical knowledge is also relational. Those three things make him one of the greatest coaches that I’ve ever worked with, either nationally, internationally and locally. And he’s top two of the people that I’ve worked with. He’s with me for life. He doesn’t know it, but he ain’t never getting rid of me.”

– Someh Niengor, Sutton Group

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