Turn Intent Into Reality

When I turned 40, I chased my childhood dream to become a motivational speaker. Long story short, I got to travel around to some pretty great places around the world, and speak on some pretty big platforms with some pretty famous people that you would probably recognize. But then I would get emails from people that were at those events and they would say, “Hey Al, I saw you speaking at this event and I really like your style. Or the plan of attack that you take on the subject is different than what I’ve heard before. I’d like you to come into my organization, and could you train my staff and teach my people?” So just because of the demand in the marketplace, I began to go into companies, everything from little mom & pop startups to the big multinationals. I would spend a half a day, or a day, or two or three days. Usually nothing more than two or three. I would spend some time with the executive team, or the management team, or the sales team, or frontline team. It didn’t really matter. I would take some time to unpack at a deeper level the ideas and philosophies that I was talking about from the platform. And it was there that I got so upset. I got so angst. I got so frustrated. Because I would see on a tangible level where people would be getting the information that they needed, that they wanted, but they didn’t know what to do with it. I see this all the time. You’ve probably had the same experience. We go to the seminar. We go to the conference. We read the book. We watch the video. We we something. And we say, yes, this is the guy or this is the person or this is the material that’s going to help me get to the next level. It’s going to help me go further, farther, faster. Awesome. Maybe even take notes or whatever. But then, what happens is you go back to work and you don’t know actually how to turn the intent into reality. You don’t know how to take that information and apply it in your life, at your place of work on a Tuesday afternoon at 2:45. And that’s where coaching for me came in. I realized that if people don’t know how to transition the information into practical application, what they thought was an investment of time and dollars has now just become a waste of both. I can’t stand that. And so as a coach, I basically take you by the proverbial hand, if I can say it that way, and walk you through implementation so that you actually do get the ROI the full ROI, 100% of the ROI. Of the knowledge, the processes and whatever it is that you need to go further, further, faster.

– Alan Goff

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